Memories of Ash, Intisar Khanani

In the year since she cast her sunbolt, Hitomi has recovered only a handful of memories. But the truths of the past have a tendency to come calling, and an isolated mountain fastness can offer only so much shelter. When the High Council of Mages summons Brigit Stormwind to stand trial for treason, Hitomi knows… Continue reading Memories of Ash, Intisar Khanani


Ashes in the Pines, Chad Alan Gibbs

After solving two cold case murders during her sophomore year—not to mention getting expelled, arrested, and nearly killed—Izzy Brown longs for a normal teenage summer. A summer that, at a bare minimum, won’t involve a murderous psycho holding her at gunpoint.Seeking a fresh start, Izzy moves north with her family to Ashes in the Pines,… Continue reading Ashes in the Pines, Chad Alan Gibbs

10 New Releases to Look Forward to in June

Wonders if anyone notices I threw 11 books in the post... June 6th The Chaperon, M. HendrixYA/DystopianGoodreads, Amazon, Bookshop, B&N About the BookLike every young woman in New America, Stella knows the rules: Deflect attention. Abstain from sin. Navigate the world with care. Give obedience. Embrace purity. Respect your chaperone. Girls in New America must… Continue reading 10 New Releases to Look Forward to in June