The Dark Horizon, Liz Harris

Even though they come from different backgrounds, Lily and Robert are in love. Against his father Joseph’s wishes, Roberty marries Lily, and with their son James, their love is stronger than ever. But Joseph will stop at nothing to put Robert on the path to the future he envisions. The fallout could be disastrous. While… Continue reading The Dark Horizon, Liz Harris

Beauty and the Bassist, Megan Walker & Janci Patterson

Rockstar Shane is emotionally healing from an accident in which his best friend, JT, died. The admitted playboy is seeing ghosts, and he’s feeling pretty broken. He gets roped into being the emcee for a beauty pageant where he meets the coordinator, Allison. Showing up late doesn’t help his case. Allison knew his type before… Continue reading Beauty and the Bassist, Megan Walker & Janci Patterson

Even if We Break, Marieke Nijkamp

I requested this one from Sourcebooks Fire because the blurb had me hooked. Who doesn’t want to see how a bunch of teens in the face of their secrets exposed? I hadn’t read Nijkamp before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The cast of characters is inclusive, and while I think there’s good representation,… Continue reading Even if We Break, Marieke Nijkamp