My first day at my new blog

It’s a New Year, so a new start. I have always had my cooking blog, but I wanted to incorporate all my loves and I finally found a site to do that. So while I am sitting here while my little one is at school, racing to add something to each of these pages, I wonder, how do the other moms find the time to make such beautiful blogs?? How do they get traffic to their sites? Do they really just want to throw their entire lives out there for the whole world to read? (I don’t). I like being incognito, I don’t need my smiling face to pop up in the corner. I just want to be here, and occasionally be seen.

So welcome to my blog, I hope you are all staying warm. I live in Vermont, I can tell you its much warmer then it was yesterday, which isnt saying much, we’re in the middle of a snow storm, SURPRISE!!

Just as long as the bus brings my little one home safe and sound, and my loved one drives safe, then I call it a great day.

Love and Peace