Why Amazon Prime and I are Parting Ways

So I have Amazon Prime and a Kindle. I have a ton of other toys as well, a Samsung Tab, a new laptop, a bunch of gaming systems. But I want to focus on Amazon Prime.

The Pros:

  • Two Day Shipping!! It’s wonderful, unless they chose Fed Ex, sorry Fed Ex, your 1 in 5 actually delivery rate to my house in a 4 months period speaks volumes.

  • A free book to read every month

  • Some okay movies and tv shows to watch free and the new movies (relatively) soon to rent when they are available to rent.

The Cons:

  • Two Day Shipping when they use Fed Ex, thankfully, it’s rare!

  • The Kindle Reading App available for other tablets, doesn’t let you pull up your free prime book. (and you have to pay extra to get more than one book a month, at least they finally added that option, so that can kind of be considered a pro as well).

  • Customer service for the Kindle is subpar at best

  • Customer Service after 4pm Eastern is sketchy, no offense to Amazon, but it is REALLY frustrating to deal with people that I cannot understand, and I speak a few languages.

  • I’m working on my third Kindle in 3 years. I am a thirty *cough* seven year old woman, I do not beat the crap out of my Kindle, let’s face it, it sucks. My second Kindle was not allowed a warranty because it was a replacement. (it was also a refurb, even though they insist it wasn’t). So, no customer service, I am not calling, to fight with people like I did last time, who wanted me to pay for a new kindle, when the first one died just 10 days outside of the warranty, and then take a week to get things sorted, to lose everything on my Kindle, and then have my 3rd Kindle not have a warranty to rinse and repeat for all of eternity. Yes I admit, I do have a few games on there I am attached to, but game circle doesn’t save most in app purchases, in other words, you’re screwed when it dies, and it will.

I must be going somewhere here….oh yes, let’s circle back to the pro’s. I live in Vermont, last week my little 2010 Honda Civic decided it didn’t like the -14 degree overnight weather and didn’t want to start. I had to jump start it to give it that little boost. I ordered a Stanley Jumper from Amazon, this one to be exact: Stanley Jump Starter

(Here it is charging, it looked fully charged, but it says charge for 24 hours, so that is what is taking up the corner of my table for the time being). I am usually the queen of stocking up, emergency back ups, all that good stuff. Why did this one little gadget elude my train of thought of necessities?? While I am disappointed I had to use the $50 in gift cards I got for Christmas on it (because who wants to buy necessities over fun stuff), I am glad I got it. Now let’s just hope that this works if we have another night like we did last week.

PS-thank you for shipping it UPS, they knock on the door to let you know its there and never deliver it to the wrong address, or try to hand it to you open and used, or deliver it a few houses down, (especially food, that bakes in the sun for 5 hours and then tries to convince you its fine to eat), or a few streets up like *cough* fed ex.

So I am wondering, with the Kindle on it’s way out, is it worth it to keep the Prime? I am thinking not. I can still rent movies as I wish, I can skip the crappy movies and use Netflix or Hulu, and I shop somewhere that actually appreciates my business by saying “Wow, we are soo sorry your Kindle is crap, here’s a new one, with a warranty, and a credit for all the problems we keep throwing at you because we see how much business you give us.”

Goodbye Prime, it’s been a rollercoaster these past 3 years, but I don’t think the free shipping is worth the hassle.