The Power of Chocolate Covered Cherries

So I have been one of the “lucky” 3 out of 4 people to get the flu despite having the flu shot. They are saying it was 23% effective because the strain changed after we all got the shot. That 23% is high though, because people like me did not call my doctor and get one of the meds that shortens the flu by 1.3 days. (really, I can suck it up and save the $). My tried and true homemade recipes to help on my cooking blog have helped.

Anyways, today I finally felt well enough to make it out to Rite Aid to pick up some prescriptions that have been sitting there a while. (When you have asthma, osteo-arthritis, migraines and sarcoidosis, its part of your daily life). Anyhoo, Cellos Chocolate Covered Cherries were on sale for $3.99 a box. True they only put 22 in the box when they could make it an even 2 dozen, but who am I to pass up a sale?? So I picked myself up 2 boxes which will probably last 3 days, if I am lucky. (You wouldn’t be able to tell I can do that by my tall and lanky frame).

Here’s the convo I had with my s/o regarding this score:

Me: I accidentally bought myself two boxes of chocolate covered cherries, whoops lol

S/O: Well as long you learned your lesson 😛

Me: I did, don’t pass up a good sale

Seriously, I am not a huge sweet lover, but if you love cherries and chocolate, you need to get some of these. While they aren’t part of my getting healthy routine, I think they are healthy for the mind…and sooo good.