Super Mom!

So I am pulling out of the flu, slowly but finally!! We all got our flu shots, but if you’re up with the news, you will have read it’s only about 23% effective.

With mini me having two days off from school, I have to get into action!

My self convo and morning:

5am I push start on the coffee maker, thankfully I remembered to set it last night, I’ve been forgetting since I’ve been sick, and really that’s a lot of work. Look outside, sheer ice everywhere, must wait til 8 am and call and cancel my 2 doctors appointments that are an hour away, better safe then sorry, and I’m still pretty exausted. 8;05, call and cancel said two appointments, call other doctor for prescription refills, and call the billing department of another doctor. 8:30 am, wake up overslept mini me, uh-oh, she’s coughing, and has a fever. Didn’t I avoid her like the plague? How can this be? Nope, not happening, not on Super Mom’s watch! We break open some echinacea, stir it into some applesauce and dose. Have her use her inhalers, give her oatmeal and tea for breakfast. She has a party at 4, please let this hold off, don’t let my daughter be “that child” that infects all the other kids. Great, while she is eating her oatmeal I can print out that Harry Potter spell book she’s been wanting to play with and start a load of laundry. How have I not gotten dressed yet? The flu, right….

I get dressed, grab the spell book, use the three hole punch, “bind” it together and send her to get dressed. So far she’s cast a few spells (our house is now well protected, if only there was an anti flu spell, though she did find a healing spell, which I’ve made her recite a few times, you NEVER know). First load of laundry is done, chuck it in the dryer, start load 2, put away last night’s dishes, look at the mornings dishes, peak in on mini me now reading “I Totally Funniest” by James Patterson, all snuggled up on the couch and here I am, plopped down beside her as she laughs her way through the book. The dishes can wait….

PS: WTG Patriots!!

Update: the dishes are done, first batch of laundry is folded, second load is drying, and granola is in the oven, check out my granola recipe HERE