Making Due with a Small Bathroom on a Budget

I am on my 10th (and hopefully last) winter in this apartment triplex. When I first moved in here, the place was a hot mess. It still is to be honest, but I did a bit of work to help spruce it up. One of the worse areas is my bathroom. First of all, its tiny. Second of all, being an 1800’s house, it’s not insulated, and lastly, while some people love cast iron tubs, I’m going to guess that those people have insulated bathrooms and houses that are not built of brick, 4×4 and plaster…

That being said, here is how I’ve spruced up my bathroom over the years and tried to create storage and spice where there was none. There are few “before” photos because really, it was just quite too embarrassing to share.

Before and after floor. Yes that’s paint on the floor. All the floors were painted when I moved in. Even the stairs, because you should always paint stairs…. :/ Tiles: $30

Not an overly expensive fix, but one that warmed up the floors and hid the paint.

I made a curtain for the window and found a great shower curtain (can you tell I love blue?) Notice the hideous sink. It’s sitting in the basement until I move out. I had a friend working at a marble company and got this beautiful sink for free! Curtains: $10

I stencilled a boarder, also blue. Notice the smooth transition between wall and ceiling I have to work with lol. Paint: $8 Stencil: $3

Now the ultimate question, where are you storing stuff? Because clearly you cannot fit everything under that tiny sink. (and please note the proximity of the shower, sink and toilet, that gives you an idea of the kind of space I was working with and why storage is SO needed with 1 bathroom and 3 people My shower curtain liner is currently green. It was blue, but I like to line the whole tub with liners, again, no insulation, cast iron tub, Vermont winters…. That takes 3, and my local store was out of blue when I needed to replace them during fall cleaning. I got this handy fruit storage basket on Amazon for approx $14, I am not sending you the link because Amazon and I are not getting along right now….

Over the door storage. OMG this has literally saved our lives in the bathroom. Why do shoe hangers have to be just for shoes? They don’t. Everyone has their designated slots. (of course when Mom is sick, that doesn’t mean all the slots are kept clean, same as the storage basket…which, why does my 11 year old get the bottom biggest basket while I am thinking of it)….Anyhoo, I picked this over door wall shoe hanger up from Walmart for $12.

So the whole project has cost me roughly $77. The walls need a new coat of paint, but frankly, I am done putting money into this apartment. Despite the bathroom size, the apartment is huge, 2 floors and a basement. So, while it’s a bit messy because of my recent bout with the flu, you get the idea that you can spruce up small spaces, make them more comfortable and invent storage where there is none.

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