January was a LONG month, the flu, a situation that’s not really discussable in mixed company, and then the worse Sarcoidosis flair up since 2004. (hence my absense here with the exception of some pics on my other pages).

I’ve come through the other side with a major appreciation for health that I already thought I had. I am a healthy eater, I excercise, I try to avoid junk, but sometimes your body is going to revolt no matter what steps you take. It’s life. It’s another snow day today, we’ve already gotten more then we did during the “great blizzard of ’15”. So I am glad that yesterday we managed to get some groceries as we are snowed in.

Today has been a productive day, laundry, dishes, more laundry, shower, laze about, all get check marks!

What don’t I miss about January. While I do miss the naps, I don’t miss the napping all day. I don’t miss the stabbing chest pains, the sciatic issues, the constant runny nose and pain that comes with it, I don’t miss the chaos of not being the proper head of household. I do miss the times I was napping and couldn’t play with my little one. I am grateful that she is understanding of having a perpetually sick mother. I am grateful that she knows when mom is sick, she thinks: I have soo many things available to me, tv, video games, tablets, handheld games, and she goes for a book, or an educational site on the computer, or a homeschool activity.

I did well, I had a great child to work with. She is going to be 11 in 9 days. Despite my occasional bouts of being down for the count, I am blessed to say, I am not thinking: “Where did the time go”, because we’ve made the most of it. Through sick, thick and thin, we make the most of it.

I am a happy mom. I am also very happy January is over, so I can get back to being the Mom I know I am, the good mom, the present mom, the mom that can function at full capacity (most of the time).

Cheers to a snowday so I can start today!