What the Hell is Wrong with People

I love pinterest. But sometimes I come across some disasters and I wonder what the hell are these people thinking. Insert exhibit A, which I have properly labelled fail:

Seriously people, you think this is a GREAT Valentines idea and that this will go over well with schools?? I repeat, I LOVE Pinterest, but I’ve decided to devote some time to instead of just scoffing at some of these ludicrous ideas, to dedicating a board to the Epic Fails of Interest (thats a clickable link, mind you there are only 3 pins, but then again, this just started about an hour ago, and there is a life circling around me which demands attention). So yes, I am shaming people, am I proud…not really. Should these people be proud of their pins? NO…there has to be a point where you need to hover over the pin it button and your brain clicks in and says “wait, that is NOT a good idea after all”.

Happy Day, Happy Weekend, Happy Epic Fail Hunting