The Woman Who Yelled

Okay, so we’re going on a mini holiday this weekend, to a very public spot, being very cold out, the idea of an indoor swimming pool is heaven to my daughter. Being that people think it fit to not vaccinate their kids and then spread them around like wild fire has me a bit concerned. So I am thinking, when I walk my little one down to the pool, should I yell “Are you guys vaccinated??”, with a short explanation that we are an immuno-compromised family and we don’t want an early birthday holiday for my daughter turn into a disaster.

Do I have the right to yell this? Do I have the right to enquire of the hotel if they are asking people checking in of this? I think I do. I think I might just be this woman this weekend and why shouldn’t I? I haven’t gotten tested to see if I got the booster being a child of the 70’s. Neither has my s/o. My daughter, who I know has been vaccinated had rsv when she was little. She has asthma and is very succetable to anything around her.

This is such a hot topic debate right now. People have their fears, we all do. My only personal opinion I am going to give about to vaccinate or not is that if you are not going to vaccinate your child, then you have NO right to put others at risk. You have no right to travel to where there is an outbreak or it is known you can get measels and then come around others without being tested. You have no right to be in public schools. If you don’t want to vaccinate, okay, I can see your reasons. But don’t put the millions of us that are at risk, at risk, because of your choices.