Spanning Centuries with a Book

So I’ve been absent for a while due to crazy family issues. When you have a crazy family, crazy issues pop up and they don’t always resolve in a timely manner, or the way you want, so you have to center yourself and go with the flow. I’m not fully centered, but I’ve been pulling in a lot of energy due to the gorgeous sun and the 25 degree weather out. (yes, that sounds crazy, but to me, it’s warm out) and its enough to get me writing…and reading, so to the point!

I have thousands of books. I have them on a kindle but I have most of them on bookshelves. NOTHING beats holding a book in your hand, and I am a firm believer that e-readers of all sources will not get rid of books. Especially when it comes to books like The Odyssey.

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Anyhoo: I was looking through my vast collection of books and found The Odyssey. The book cover isn’t the same, but I found this one online and I think it’s spiffy. We had to read this book in high school and while there was some torture in it back then, I had fond memories, so I pulled the book off the shelf and opened it. There is an intro to the book, of which I don’t know who wrote it, that goes into the history of this book. That Homer, who wasn’t even really named Homer, but was given that name because he became blind, and might not have written this book. The intro tells how a lot of his works were stolen, how the book changed throughout the years to make it easier for us simpletons to understand. It really was so interesting that I actually read all 50 some odd pages! (I don’t normally read intros). Anyways, the point….This beautiful work of art was written somewhere between 750-850 BC. YES! That makes this book roughly around 2700-2900 years old.

*sits back and lets you think on that amazing fact*

And here I am reading a work of art that survived time, despite the various (and incessant) theories, rumors, changes and findings about the authenticity of the book and its author.

Now, to put that into perspective, whether you are religious or not, the Bible isn’t even that old, and while it is a fascinating read, it too has been butchered a million times. BUT IT’S NOT EVEN IN THE SAME LEAGUE as far as age. (again a great read, don’t get offended)

Please, don’t bring up the Dead Sea Scrolls, those were buried. This book has been living….LIVING for at least 2800 years.

So my suggestion, if you like reading, you’re feeling cooped up, it’s cold, snowing, whatever, grab this book and just sit in awe that you are reading something that has TRULY survived time. Ignore the speculations, the rumors, all the bs and just read it.

Peace and Love x