Where Goes the Time? Some Good Homeschooling Resources.

I had forgotten in the two years my daughter was in public school how time consuming homeschool is. Between homeschool, keeping up a 4 bedroom house, errands and doctors appointments, the me time has disapeared!! But I wouldn’t trade the education my daughter is getting now for anything. Until we move and can get to a better school system, I know I am doing right by her.

I do wonder how single mothers manage to do all of this and still have time to blog on the daily. I have so many pictures I want to add of science projects and art projects, but the thought of loading the camera up is really unappealing. It’s only noon, and while my little one finishes her lunch, I found a few minutes to nurture this blog and keep it alive. Then we will watch Pompeii as we just finished up studying that and are digging into Lewis and Clark and Sacajawea! Next week we start learning about Maple Sugaring (it is Vermont after all).

So I thought I would share some of the websites I use for homeschool. We don’t like the common core. I personally feel it was made to dumb down the students. Some of the sites have common core materials.

edhelper.com this is a subscription based site but good for printables.

helpteaching.com this website is free and paid with a mixed variety of everything.

dadsworksheets.com tons of free math worksheets

newsela.com this is a free site, it keeps your children in the loop with the news. They have a paid option, but I havent needed it yet, all they need is your email.

readworks.org another free site with great reading comprehension including questions. another free site that only needs your email.

clickschooling.com all they need is your email and they send you daily links to free online services. Sometimes there are virtual tours of museums, others are great websites with freebies. Each day they mail a different subject, I am SO glad I stumbled upon this website.

Of course I have a ton of others that I love, but if I put them all in then I wouldn’t have time to sit down and watch Pompeii with mini me and have a discussion as we go. Hopefully you can use these websites and if I get more time, I can add some of the others that I use.