Immuno-compromised, Pulling Together

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We are an immunocompromised blended family. There, I have said it. *wipes brow*

Believe it or not, when you are at the pharmacy, in pain, and people ask you what is going on, and you tell people you are immuno-compromised, or you have an auto immune disease, people think, OMG she is horrible. Back away slowly!! I just want to scream, “Guess what people, there are more then 80 auto immune diseases!! (and you aren’t going to catch it ffs!)”

My significant other and I just happen to have two very different ones.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have sarcoidosis. He has chrons-colitis with (spinal arthritis). Yesterday, my sarcoidosis decided to act up, and by act up, I mean full on swollen lymphnodes from the chest up. Moving my head? Nope. Even laying down just hurt my skin! Thankfully I have red clover stilingia compound (now herbal detox) as I have previously mentioned and I am on the road to reducing my golf ball size lymphnodes back to their normal size. Am I ready to get off the couch? Not so much, but I can definitely tell they are going down. I have mentioned I know some of my triggers, some of them I can avoid, for example alcohol for sure. Stress, not always. Sometimes it just comes on and I am not sure what triggered it. I think me running into the doorway turning the corner, slamming my shoulder Friday night jolted my system into overdrive. Who knows?? There is so little known about Sarcoidosis, and there is no cure, only remission, so I treat and move on. But it involves my whole family.

Homeschool was a chore today. Reading outloud, speaking, moving around, the whole lot. I could have declared it a day off, but I feel that is the lazy way out, I feel it cheatens my daughter out of her education. We forged through it. How? Because she knows that we are an immuno-compromised family, and it comes with the territory that we are going to have some bad days. But it wasn’t that bad of a day. We had strawberry smoothies (with chia seeds), we read outloud from “Homecoming”, we had a great discussion on the impact of Lewis, Clark and Sacajawea, and the importance of knowing what we eat, the horrors of GMO’s. We even were able to see some green anxiously trying to come into our grass. I could go on, but then my significant other came home, he made dinner. So do they have to be bad days when you’re down? Only if you let them.

Oh, and before you build up in your head that because someone is immuno compromised, so you must avoid them at all costs, think deeper, they are struggling to some degree or another, and your negative attitude pulls down the strength they are trying to pull out to keep positive and not have bad days.