Making Changes

So, it has been a LONG while since I have posted and that is because I have been crazy busy!! With the help of a scholarship and some amazing parents in-law, my daughter is now in a private Christian school. The drive was (and I will get to the was soon) 25 minutes, but worth every moment. Of course I say that now because 1. it’s not winter and 2. WE MOVED!!!! While the monthly cost is just inside our comfort zone, when winter hits, it’s going to be cheaper. Living in a 1800’s, 4 bedroom, 3 storied house where the heat is magically supposed to float upstairs through a round hole in the sealing just doesn’t cut it. So paying for propane and electric heaters so we don’t freeze to death is just one of the many things I am not going to miss. Also, after 12 years in the last house, which I shared with my ex-husband, I was years into a depression of sharing my home with my significant other that I had shared with my ex. I hated every moment of just being there. It didn’t feel like our home, the town alone is drug and crime ridden. Our once peaceful street was slowly getting abandoned to empty houses that would not sell and the neighbors were horrible. We had one that was dealing drugs, one that played both sides of the fence when it came to “friendship”, and we had one that shouldn’t be a landlord. Yet they continued to rent out the other half of their duplex to either druggies or most recently evicted, a nice enough woman who, after being 3 days late on the rent, they decided it was time to start harassing her and her daughter. Up until the day she moved out because of the eviction, it came to: that if she went outside, they ran outside just to pick a fight. I do NOT miss that one bit.

So we have moved to just outside of the town I started my life in. My family is from here, it’s a small town and everyone is friendly. We are now only 15 minutes away from Lil’s school and there are no crazy hills to encounter in the winter. Lil Miss is loving her new school and I am loving watching her blossom. I volunteer twice a week at the school to assist a teacher (how I miss teaching!!). At first I thought my social anxiety was going to be really rough, and meeting the teacher I would be working alongside made me a bit uneasy, but the kids are first and second grade and the boys I work with are great.

So now that I am unpacked, settled in, and loving the new house, I have time to get to some projects done. I have a designated space where I can catch up on some sewing I want to do and I am (slowly) working on finishing knitting a blanket I started many years ago. With the osteoarthritis, and the fact I knit holding one needle stationary, it can get very painful on my shoulder. But it is coming along, it is all on one needle in the picture, but you get the gist of how it looks and how long it will be once I finish it.

We learned a great lesson moving that I shared with my church. I do a spring cleaning and a fall cleaning. I think it’s good to get rid of things that have accumulated throughout the year that we don’t use, that we’re free or deals that were “just to good to pass up”. Packing we got rid of even more things that we didn’t need. Unpacking was more of the same. In letting go of the physical baggage it helped us to let go some of the emotional baggage we were carrying as well. Because we all tend to have some, but it was a good cleansing experience in both aspects.

So, have you made any big life changes? Learned any lessons over the past few months? I would love to hear them.