Learning to do Hair

At 38 years old, I still cannot french braid! My daughter has long beautiful hair and most mornings we are in such a rush to get her to school (because it is a 15 minute drive), that I don’t have time to do her hair. Well through Pinterest, Youtube and a few other places, I have been attempting to learn to do her hair. Thank goodness for a long Christmas break in which to have time to experiment!

First Day:

I braided on one side, threw the braid across her head, took two segments from the other side, braided it into the braid, tossed back across the head and repeated.

This is the final result. She didn’t want me to pin up the tail, which I think would have given it a more sophisticated look, but I still think it came out really nice!

Second day:

I saw this in a video on FB from Hairstyles68. They use a mannequin with straight hair. So while I think this came out cute, next time I will make sure that I use 1. rubber mini elastics and 2. make sure her hair is damp. She loves it, I had fun learning to do it and we got to spend time together. So that’s all that matters.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May 2016 bring you peace, excitement, joy, hope and love x