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I used to write a lot, I mean A LOT. When I was a pre-teen and on I journaled the typical embaressing tween things a girl writes, I wrote poetry and short stories. Then I got into writing “rhymes” for a short period of time, just to entertain some friends. Then I wrote a mini random book about how things would be ideal. It was filled with quotes that I found that were either inspiring or humerous. Interesting facts. It was a hodge podge, that I still have, sitting in a drawer. After I had my daughter, I had a lot of downtime while she was asleep so I started writing books. None of them are finished because my endless notes to keep track of this and that started to drive me insane, because I was a new mom and by the time I got back to said story, I would have to re-read what I wrote, re-read my notes, and then I was just too tired to work on it.

I got back into journaling again. and it was sporatic at best. But after we moved and my spirits lifted, I got back into journaling seriously. I realized something that I already kind of knew, but didn’t really have it at the forefront of my thoughts. A few days ago I was talking with a friend and I was telling her that I don’t put a lot out there (social media wise) because I am a private person. Tonight I got to thinking, I am overall a private person. I don’t journal in front of my family. I would like to start a dream board or a smash book, but I don’t want it out there for my family. When my significant other asked me what a smash book was I just evaded the question.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a very open person. I am honest to a fault and always say what is on my mind. But when it comes down to the inner most workings of my ptsd mind, that is something I just don’t share. But I have to say, and am glad to say, that since I have started journaling again, I feel so good, so inspired! I am thinking about the spare time I have. I volunteer 2 days a week at my daughters school. I am volunteering some with our Church’s Food Pantry. I would like to volunteer there more, but so do other people, which leaves me with a lot of spare time to write. So why not try getting back into some serious writing and perhaps see if I can scrum up something to get published for an e-book. So that is my goal for this week, googling how to get e-published and soul searching if that is a route I really want to go. Ultimatly the sum of this post, is just how GOOD it feels to be writing, no matter what form it takes, it feels good to be back in the saddle and I think everyone should have a creative outlet of some sort.

Love and Hugs