The DIY Dryer Sheet, is it worth it?

Have you seen the DIY posts for making your own dryer sheets? There are tons of them on Pinterest and so I got to thinking, I do go through a lot of dryer sheets, and it would be more environmentally friendly if I made my own reusable sponge dryer sheets. So I got some sponges, a container, my liquid fabric softener and a container. There were different variations on mixing the fabric softener with water. some were 1:1, others were 2:1 etc. People were afraid that just leaving the sponges soaking in straight fabric softener and then throwing them in their dryer may stain their clothes. Heads up, the sponge comes out crazy dry, but rehydrates well in your solution, that’s about the only positive I have come up with during this DIY project.

Well I started off with 8 cups of water 4 cups of fabric softener. Static everywhere!

Then I altered the mixture and added 2 more cups of fabric softener making it 8 cups water, 6 cups fabric softener. Same thing!

Then I decided to make it equal, 8 cups of each. Still, tons of static and I am getting shocked folding my laundry. Then I thought, well why don’t I just try getting rid of the water and see if there is going to be a stain, I can risk a stain on my towels. So that’s what I did, and they were still static-y.

Not only was the ordeal a static-y mess, but dryer sheets have a way of pulling the extra strings and fuzz off your clothes that your dryer sometimes misses. The sponges do not. Now I have seen other posts where people use washclothes instead of sponges. I really don’t know if I want to try tackling this project again. The solution is still there and I have tons of washcloths so I don’t see any harm, other than wearing around some clothes that stick to you no matter how many times you try to rub them down with a dryer sheet or spray yourself with static guard.

What I don’t understand is how people are saying how great this works. I have a normal washing machine and dryer. It’s not the newer kinds, like front loaders etc. Maybe that is their secret? At any rate, I call this DIY project a wash (pun intended).