Spreading Love and Happiness

This photo was from a few days ago. It was -16 out and miserable. This picture is the result of just how cold it was outside after the car running for 20 minutes. Do you see that really cool heart from the defroster? I think that rocks, and I am going to take it as a reminder that each day, take the opportunity to make sure people know you love them, to share your love and to accept love. To know that you are loved even when you don’t feel it, and that it is okay to ask for love, because it is a beautiful and amazing gift that comes along with the blessing of life.

Everything you have ever been through has made you the person you are today. You can let the bad things that happen control your life and fester in your negative energy, or you can turn it into a lesson, a growth experience. Find your inner strength to push past all the hell/bad experiences you have gone through and become a person who radiates strength and positivity. People are drawn to those who radiate love and light, not to those who not only blame their past on their problems today, and do nothing to resolve the problems. Each day we are blessed to be here is a day of personal growth. So take advantage of every moment, love lots, notice the little things, and find something to be thankful for every day.

Love and Peace