Woo hoo! Let’s bring this blog back to life, with a New Year.

I don’t do resolutions, but I do crack down on some of my bad habits. So I got an organizer and i have been faithfully using it, so much so that I am reaching my goals sooner than I have laid out for myself.

I just read a really good BDSM/Romance series in one day! The series is called Replay, and is written by Nia Farrell. The link to the books on Amazon is here: Replay Series

As I am in full on reading mode, I do admit that my review was brief, though I did more detailed reviews of each book on goodreads.

But here is my Amazon review:

I have fallen in love with the Replay series. Farrell has introduced us to Replay, the beachside resort for period reenactment BDSM. In the first book, Viking Raid, we meet twins Rowena and Breanna, with the main focus being Breanna, who wants to lose her virginity on her 22nd birthday to the Viking Gunnar, who she has watched play out onstage before. Triple Play delves into Rowena’s backstory. A breakout author, with an award winning blog, instructing on how to be the perfect sub. We learn of of Rowena’s childhood, which involved CSA. She meets the Scot Micheil, and despite all the boundaries she has set for herself, she allows herself to open up her heart, and her desires to him, bringing her healing and love. Honor Bound brings us Eleanor Benoit. A friend of the twins and a psychologist for Veterans suffering with PTSD, who wants to learn more about BDSM and how to better help some of her clients. Stubborn and insistent that she just wants to learn, she finds herself in the sights of Replay owner, Sir Piers, a Dom who masters in the Japanese art of rope tying, Kinbaku . We also learn of Eleanor’s traumatic past involving date rape. Farrell is well written, combining lust, romance, and sexual healing. She brings CSA issues as well as PTSD issues to the forefront combining it with a steamy, enticing atmosphere. Love this series.

So…what are you reading?