Book Teasers

I understand that for authors, their writing is their art. They might not be pro’s at paintshop and that is completely understandable. But they want their books out there, they want people reading their e-books and so they create book teasers. A book teaser is supposed to make the reader want to go get the book, want to put it on pre-order because it looks that good. If you as an author want to go through the work of creating a teaser for your book, then you need to make it good.

You don’t have to be a pro at paintshop to make a decent teaser. Heck, I have developed some pretty good skills with MS Paint alone. Images become yours when you change them around, merge other images with it, add font. I think font on a teaser or a cover is a really big thing. So why in the name of all things good with reading, would an author put a Walt Disney font on a sexy novel teaser? It’s just a big no.

I think we can all agree that when we see this font, we think of Disney, and when we think of Disney, we think of children, our childhood, fun movies with kitschy songs that get stuck in our heads. We damn sure as hell don’t think of a hot and steamy novel that we can’t wait to get our hands on. There are so many fonts you can dl to your computer that will work in any program you own that uses fonts. So go online and take a look, get a font that goes with the theme of the book, not just a pretty font. As a person who proofreads books, or even just as a laymen reader, the font on your teaser (or even your book cover), can make the difference between a new fan or a lost book sale. Happy Reading and go get those fonts!