Let’s Talk Author Takeovers-Book Parties

Online book parties can be a lot of fun for readers. It can introduce the readers to new and upcoming books, established books and new authors. Doing an author takeover is exhausting work for the author, especially if they have a lot of them back to back. But it’s worth it because you can gain new fans, which is what all authors want, because it’s not always about the money. But there are a few things that both the people running the show, and the people attending should be doing.

For the People Running the Party:

-Before the party, check your wifi connection. If it isn’t good, unplug your router and connect directly to the modem. This will ensure that there won’t be any snags.

-Double check the Facebook settings before you start. It’s best to not allow anyone and everyone to be able to post. Only allow your authors to post, and have the readers reply to the post. This will put the author’s posts in the forefront.

-Be there for the party. If you can’t be there, make sure you have a backup and a backup for your backup.

-Sometimes authors can’t be there, and put a PA in their place. That is totally understandable. But to have a PA going on for a lengthy period of time for multiple authors get’s a bit boring for the readers. We do understand that authors have other obligations and can’t always be there, but to book a PA for a huge time slot just doesn’t make for a good takeover, because the readers want to interact with the authors.

-Interact with the participants! I know book promos are exhausting, but people want to feel like they are connecting with the authors and that the authors aren’t just copying and pasting from a word file with no regard to the readers

For the Readers:

-Do try and interact with all the posts for the author(s) you are interested in. Giveaways are great, but authors want to know you are interested in more than free stuff.

-On that note, don’t go into a takeover expecting freebies. Yes authors do give away books to help encourage their reader base, but remember, they want to connect with readers, and that doesn’t always come in the form of free books.

-Come up with some questions to ask the author before the takeover. Authors do love interacting with their fans, and it’s a great way to get to know them.

-Review, Review, Review. If you get a free book, leave a review. (review even when you buy the book) It doesn’t have to be long and elaborate, but authors want to hear from you, whether it be good or bad. It also helps other prospective readers to know if this is a book worth looking into. The biggest gift you can give an author is a review on their book.

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