Am Writing

Okay, So I was going to do this post about a book I just finished, but that will get tabled so I am not talking about too many things. I am writing again. Now I admit, I am not writing, writing in the sense, but I have joined the world of “The Twitter” and found all these lovely prompt pages and it is getting the juices flowing. *happy dance*

I have been following #writtenriver and #hangtenstories for the most part. So this is where I am getting my prompts. So let’s share!

1/30/17 #tastypoem delve:

I wanted to delve deeper into his thoughts.Those distortions could only come from someone with as much a screwed up past as mine

1/30/17 #writtenriver 932 Tricked by Shadow

1/29/17 #hangtenstories 59 “story”:

My life’s story is the most interesting book I’ve read

1/29/17 #writtenriver 931:

Today would be my mothers birthday, gone in 96. While I miss her greatly, I am a fierce warrior and battle onward.

1/28/17 #writtenriver 930: protect her heart:

She had always held her secrets close, protecting her heart, but in his arms, she gave them all away

1/27/17 #writtenriver 929 the color yellow:

The warmth and heat of the sun beat down on her, a yellow light at the end of a long, cold, and dark tunnel

1/27/17 #hangtenstories 57 “chance”:

Her life suddenly had meaning, because she took a chance

1/26/17 #writtenriver 928 afraid:

I was never afraid of much, until I became a mother

She was afraid of the challenges that life threw at her but she was never afraid at how she would handle them

1/24/17 #writtenriver 926

With gentle wings, she takes flight, soaring high above the chaos that is her life. If only for a moment she is carefree

That’s some of what I have been working on with prompts, am quite pleased with myself. Now I do admit I started using Twitter to enter contests, but am really digging the prompts and the connections to other writers. Have a great week!