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So I have been at the prompts and Haiku’s still, if you are not following me on Twitter, you should! But just in case you don’t have Twitter, here are some more of my favorites as of recent:

2/13/17 Haiku

I thought my greatest

fear was losing him, but it

is losing myself

2/11/17 Writtenriver 944 “I feel like”

I often feel like people have lost the capacity to truly listen

2/11/17 hangtenstories 72: forever

Forever can be a long and lonely road to walk

2/10/17 am writing:

He thinks I don’t know, the stench on his breath, so many telltale signs, as he continues to hide the bottles in shame

2/9/17 Hangtenstories 70: Longing

I find myself longing for a place I’ve never been

2/8/17 WrittenRiver, 941 a photo prompt:

He was but a mere shadow of his former self and even that self was vague at best, never quite finding his footing in life

2/8/17 TastyPoem, I don’t recall the prompt:

My heart melts thinking of us in high school, two young kids who then waited 20 years for the puzzle pieces to fall into place

2/7/17 TLPoetry, Vulnerable:

We carry our secrets around like a box hidden under the stairs, not allowing others to use any of it against us.

2/6/17 Haiku:

When looking in the

mirror, I don’t see the girl

that you’re in love with

2/6/17 Hangtenstories #67 music:

She always danced to music that only she could hear

2/5/17 Haiku

When I think of her

The lump swells, heart bursts, joyous


2/5/17 Dimple Verse: Afterglow

In the afterglow of the morning sun, in circles I twirl, around and around…bathed in her rays and utter happiness

2/4/17: TL Poetry, Colors:

She had bright green eyes that were so expressive, smiling, lost in thought to secrets past, playful and endearing

There is plenty more, as I am not fully caught up here, but will be adding more soon. Like my writing? Check me out on Twitter or send me a Message

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