Twisted Truths and Levelled Lies

Look at this amazing book that I have just finished. I am going to post my review here but first I want to say a few things. I met Shannon in an online book party, she has a fun and twisted personality, much like myself. She is such a positive person and it makes it fun to interact with her online, and it makes me wish I could get to meet her out here in the real world. Knowing her in this capacity doesn’t alter my review of the book, because if the book sucked 1. I wouldn’t be here writing about it and 2. I would write that in my review (I believe in honesty when it comes to books, you can read some of my non 5 star reviews in my Amazon profile). So without further ado, my review:

In Twisted Truths and Levelled Lies, we meet Mel, a longtime single woman who runs a floral shop she inherited from her deceased parents, with her older sister Jean. Mel and Jean are extremely close, and Mel is Jean’s biggest cheerleader in her marriage, but it just hasn’t worked out for her in her own lovelife. In a long line of failed set ups from Jean, Mel finally agrees to one last couples dinner, where she meets Miguel. Miguel is an insanely good looking Peruvian man, who is a doctor in Orthopedics, though working as a Professor, and the two are instantly drawn to each other. As their romances progresses to marriage and a wonderful child, Josiah (though not necessarily in that order) we learn more of each character and become a party of their almost idyllic world. We learn of Miguel’s strict family, their beliefs when it comes to “American Women”, and the treatment of women in general, and why Miguel wants nothing to do with his overbearing brother Osan.Their happy world is about to crumble apart when the couple must fly down to Peru to give their son a necessary surgery to fix his scoliosis. In a twist of fate, the family is stuck staying in Osan’s house, with no connection to the outside world, Mel is frightened of Osan and dependant on Miguel, who is disappearing from her life more and more.Lessner turns out world upside down as Mel uncovers the truth about why she is being forced to stay in the house, and why her once loving husband is so withdrawn that she feels there is no longer a marriage to speak of. Desperate to get Josiah and herself out of the house, the pace of the book intensifies even more and you find yourself on the edge of your seat, cheering, praying, crying and swooning in just one sitting. An astounding first novel with well developed characters, settings and plot twists that will have you reeling.


It was SO hard not to write more in this review, but if I did, I would totally be spoiling the book for you, and that wouldn’t be fair. Because it’s like getting hit in the gut with some of these plot twists. The book is $2.99 on Amazon, so I encourage you to go buy it HERE

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So, what are you reading??