99 Bottles by Erin Lee

I became a fan of Erin Lee by stumbling across her Lola series. She writes from her experience as a therapist which gives her writing the air of truth in the stories she weaves. So I was so excited to read 99 Bottles, and am looking forward to reading more of her as she has plenty of books out there.

My review:
A heart wrenching and detailed account of the life as a spouse of an alcoholic. Our main character Lisa is married to the love of her life, her best friend, who would be perfectly idyllic if he wasn’t an alcoholic. In 99 Bottles we are walked through all the stages that a spouse goes through in being married to an alcoholic, the guilt and shame, the hiding and making excuses, the isolation of being “the sober one”. The desire to leave but not the strength. While I do not personally deal with this, so many things in this book struck so close to home as Lisa writes in her journal about being a mother and a wife to her best friend, of struggling with her own depression, of the daily struggles she faces, the loneliness one can feel in a marriage to an alcoholic and the guilt that is tied in having a Catholic background.This is a beautifully written tale because it is so well researched, because it hit’s home in so many places and get’s to the truth of dealing with an alcoholic. A must read for supporters and non supporters alike.

I review on Amazon and Goodreads. You can buy 99 Bottles on Amazon for $1.99 HERE

Happy Friday and Happy Reading!