Blood Dragons, Rosemary Johns

This was my book read this weekend. The writing was very different than what I was used to, but it made for a very interesting and enthralling read. Here is my review:

Blood Dragons is a beautifully written tale from the perspective of Light, born Thomas, a Blood Lifer, (what we know as a vampire), as he reflects on his life to his soul mate Kathy, a first lifer (a human) who is suffering from either dementia or alzheimer’s and on her last days. While it is not exactly spelled out for us, we plainly see that she is barely present in Light’s retelling of his life, in an almost “The Notebook” kind of fashion.

Light makes a promise to never leave Kathy, and by her side during her final moments on earth, he tells of his life, in a no holds barred autobiographical memoir. Written provocatively, challenging, and what comes across as 1920’s era British slang, he tells of his life before he became a Blood Lifer, the incident that turned him Blood Lifer, of being bonded to Ruby, his author, muse and liberator. He tells of his deep seeded love for Ruby, how he followed her almost unquestioningly for a century, of meeting Kathy and wanting to shake any remnants of his life before her, of the way their love helped him blossom to become a man he had always envisioned for himself.
Johns uses a distinct voice to give us a memoir of a vampire who has struggled with his self identity, who has found the love of his life only to have to watch her die before him. We watch Light blossom through his account of his relationship with Kathy because of their mutual love, respect and acceptance of one another. We are given an alternate take on a typical vampire novel that goes above and beyond to create a love story that doesn’t leave out the pitfalls of life.

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