Aubrey's Diary, S.T. Williams

So I happened upon this new author, ST Williams, through a mutual friend and she mentioned she was looking for ARC readers for her book. It is out today (I came back to edit this review to include purchase links, woo hoo!) I must say this is a really good book for a first book and it is really well written considering she wrote as the main characters diary, which I think can be pretty hard to do, but she pulled it off so well.

Aubrey’s Diary starts off as a girl who runs away from home in hopes of seeking a better life. A girl who thought she wasn’t much of a writer, whose diary tells a beautiful and heartbreaking story of getting herself stuck into some bad situations.
Having lived a life of dealing with addicted parents who often used her to help score their drugs, Aubrey has plans that if she cannot fake being legal to get a real job, she will do what it takes to survive out there. While she does get a real job, it doesn’t last because of her father finding her.
Having to escape on the fly, she hops on a bus with hopes of starting new in Las Vegas. Her new life doesn’t last long as Aubrey finds herself trapped in the sex trade with little hope of ever finding her way out.
A well written debut novel from author Williams that has you cheering Aubrey on no matter her pitfalls. While the book is in diary form, it is extremely well written with well established characters and lays the groundwork to explore other characters in the future books.

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