The Dysfunctional Test, Kelly Moran

So this was my first book from Kelly, and what a book to start with. This was by far, one of the funniest books I have read this year. I cannot wait to read more of what she has written. Here is my review, which you can also find on Amazon and Goodreads:

Camryn is a girl from a hilariously funny dysfunctional family. She is a girl who has always felt like an outcast, who wasn’t the pretty one, or the funny one. So she turned herself into the smart one and shut off her outward emotions. She creates mental stories of those around her to cope with stress.

Troy was an abused boy with an alcoholic father until Cam’s family, the “Covic’s”, took him in. He finds a best friend in Camryn’s brother Fisher and a special bond in Camryn.

Camryn’s life goes from bad to worse when she not only learns she’s being evicted, but her boyfriend Maxwell has been cheating on her with their boss, and attacks her already low self esteem by comparing her to a cold fish. Her boss then fires her minutes after Cam learns of his betrayal. She now must attend her sister Heather’s wedding alone, and that is something she is not looking forward to as the “outcast” of the family, the eldest who should have been married long before her baby sister. Somehow, when Heather schemes to have Camryn take Troy as her fake date, to appease the family, Camryn agrees.

But can lifelong friends really pretend to date and not fall in love?

Moran writes us a beautiful story, with fun, well developed characters, from the aunts and uncles, down to the three year old niece Emily who flips between hilarious mispronunciations to comically repeating things she overhears. Moran plays with our emotions by tugging at our heart strings as Troy helps Camryn to open up and let herself see just how beautiful she is. She has us laughing from the Covic family’s hilarity. When I wasn’t laughing I was wiping away tears. A wonderfully written book that evokes all the emotions to create a perfect Happily Ever After.

You can buy the book here on Amazon for $2.99