Unrealistic Demands

I spend hours every day supporting authors. I read and review your books. I go to your takeovers so you aren’t alone and feel supported. (no, I don’t go for the free books, I legit have NO time to read books of my choosing). If you know me at all, you know I am doing these things because I want to. I have spent my life helping others. I buy your books. I promote your books on my social media and in the book clubs I run. Again, I do this because I want to. I get how much work goes into being an indie author, because there is SO much legwork. But I feel like a lot of the legwork is getting dumped off on others. But now when I wake up, I have over 50 emails from authors, because I just “had” to sign up, I “had” to like”, I “had” to add, or join, or follow.

I get grief for being given an ARC with a 3-day deadline with no respect to whether I 1. have a child 2. have other ARC’s, 3.have work 4. have a desire to read books of my own choosing 5. have a life 6. have specifically asked to do it

This has happened more times than I can count this year.

It would be nice to be asked before just being sent a book with expectations. I cannot be assumed available at the drop of a dime to do an ARC and be expected to have it done in days.

You may have noticed I refuse to participate in “like, share, and tag” bs. Wouldn’t it be easy for me to waste my day away, friending up 5k people I have no interest in, just to try and “win” something by tagging one person, one line at a time, to win some bs thing that I can just go out and buy? It’s a shame I see authors STILL doing this. That’s why I won’t do it. That’s why my friends’ list is so small, so I can interact and get to know those on my list.

Well, now I am swamped. I am politely unsubscribing, I am backing out of some groups that just aren’t active, or require way too much, and I am done with the takeovers for a while. I am also done with auctions, raffles, or any online event which asks for money. Why? Because I expect to get things I pay for and not have to chase people down to get it, and that’s what is happening. That makes me feel like a shitty person, and I won’t do that. This has happened to me over 3 times this year. So save the invites, I’m good.

I get paid once a month. Another reason I carefully manage what I buy and why I get pretty damn sore about not receiving what I buy, I would love to work outside the home, but I can’t. I LOVE proofing and editing, I mention it in convo, but I don’t advertise, because of a few with unrealistic expectations who spoil it for others who really need a good, second set of eyes. I am crazy annoyed with how many “editors” I have seen. Reading a book and commenting does not an editor make. If you don’t have the educational background, you are not an editor. I won’t apologize for being a bit uppity about this. Just because an author can self-publish, doesn’t mean that it’s okay to publish a poorly edited book.

I love writing! Sometimes it’s just garble because of PTSD, but I don’t have the hours.

If you think promoting for just yourself is hard work, imagine supporting dozens. It’s work and time consuming (and unpaid), and people are just starting to assume rather than ask, and those are the ones I am cutting out.

So to sum all this dribble up. Yes, I like supporting you, I do it because I want to. But I support a lot of people, not just authors or people I have never met. I will always do what I can for you but it would be nice to be asked.

Lastly, I feel the need to note, if you found this post through my social media page, then this isn’t about you, because I wouldn’t keep someone that did any of this on my friends list x