Prompts, Round Three

I cheat a lot on Twitter and put my work into a pic so I can get around the 140 character limit. I cannot be bound in life by character limits. Does anyone else do that, or just me? lol

2/28/17 hangtenstories “space”

The heartache can take up so much space it’s suffocating

2/27/17 writtenriver “everything again”

It is amazing how a scent, a song will evoke such intense memories that you will be reliving it, as if it just happened

2/27/17 missmuseme, I don’t remember this prompt which is a shame because I don’t use this person as a prompt often:

The safety of our mothers arms

the warmth of her bosom

a feeling we will always return to

always crave, long after she’s gone

2/27/17 Haiku I wrote

I’ve been carrying

around this unbearable

weight of soul sadness

2/26/17 hangtenstories “reason”

Rhyme and reason go out the window when love’s involved

2/26/17 DimpleVerse, I cannot recall the prompt, I challenged myself to do 6 words

Technicolor dreaming in every waking moment

2/26/17 TL Poetry “the heart of this flower”

2/26/17 writtenriver “you are embers”

You are the fire that burns deep within my soul

hot embers that constantly feed this flame of utter and undying passion

2/26/17 SableswanV “turn around”

It is okay to turn around and glance at your past

but never let it stop you from moving forward

always forward, never back

2/24/17 TastyPoem “wisp”

2/23/17 TLPoetry “dirt/mud/ground/earth”

In the depths of the earth, she is buried

forgotten by most everyone

yet I visit her often, so neither one of us feels so alone

2/23/17 SableSwanV “two voices”

PTSD me says “I give up”

Rational me says “you’ve made it too far”

2/22/17 WrittenRiver “above all”

2/22/17 Writingromancelines, this is a prompt my friend RB started, I cannot recall the prompt

2/22/17 ShapePoetry, I can’t recall the prompt

I can recall

the scent of my mother

after 21 years

I am still transported

in time

and am a young girl

once again

2/20/17 DimpleVerse “Spring” I chose do to a Haiku

Life awakening

trees shaking off winter’s sting

readying for Spring

2/18/17 TastyPoem, I didn’t write what the prompt is, and I can’t find it lol

His hand skimmed along the curvature

of her back, ivory colored, silken skin met his touch

he would never tire of this feeling

2/18/17 WrittenRiver was a picture prompt from Choi Mi Kyung

It is the little moments in life

that are so often overlooked

but leave a lasting impression

2/17/17 Sensewrds: “pale/uncertain/awakening”

Darkened room, soiled mattress

Rising, weak and unsteady,

The door…so far away

“Crawl if I must, I will escape”

2/15/17 Another haiku I did this day:

“It might sound like lip-

service”, and as it turns out

it’s just lip service

2/15/17 WrittenRiver “embrace the unique”

I chose to do this in a haiku, which you may have noticed I often do

She is chaos and

laughter, madness, rage and wit

she is everything

2/15/17 Hangtenstories “Listen”

I listen to your heart with all of my being

2/14/17 TastyPoem “betrayal”

This Valentines feast


how I long to shove these sweets down your


and watch you choke on your betrayal


TL Poetry: “Remember and/or Forget”


If only he fought for me

I would forget my rage

If only he apologized

I would remember our love

Okay, I am caught up to March, woo hoo!! Adding the pics can slow it down a bit, but it’s so much easier. So this is what I have been up to? Do you use prompts? Are you following me on Twitter yet? Have a happy day!!