Loved, by Karen Raines

Holy wow! Being a survivor of multiple traumas, this book hit me right in the feels. I felt a deep connection to the characters right away. This is the first book in the series, (and while I did just finish the second book, rumor has it the third is due out in a few weeks!!) Here is my review, which you can read on Amazon and Goodreads:

Raines has created an amazing group of friends that has the reader anxious to become a part of. While this story focuses on Kit, her story is not complete without her friends, as this group of 7 is more akin to family than friends. The friends are in the process of opening up a tattoo shop, which follows in their, and an uncle’s dream. Each person has their place within the shop, even if it’s just stopping by to visit. Each character is so well written that you feel a part of their group instantly.
The day Kit chooses to give up her virginity to her best friend Matt, (in a most hilarious manner), tragedy strikes the group leaving her sister raped and poor Matty dead.
Mourning the loss of their friend, and trying to recover, Kit learns she is carrying Matt’s baby, a precious gift from beyond. We follow Kit’s story from dealing with Matt’s overbearing and hateful mother to Kit falling in love and learning to heal. The introduction of Nate, Kit’s love interest, makes a wonderful addition to the friends. While it is clear he is not there to replace Matt in any way, he takes on the role of friend, protector, and father perfectly. My most favorite line from the book regarding Matt, which spoke of how much one came to love him in reading “He may have missed a lot, but he had sure lived while he was here”. A poignant reflection on what it means to truly live life.
The book had me crying and laughing all within the same chapter. Loved is a beautifully written tale of true friendship, the ups and downs that come with it, and the journey to healing after tragedy.

You can grab it from Amazon for 99 cents or free on KU