Claimed by Magic, Claire Marta

Yesterday I finished up the third book in Claire Marta’s “The Hunter Chronicles” series, and I am utterly smitten with this new direction the books have taken. Marta has created a magical new world and I cannot wait to continue this journey. Here is my review, which you can also read on Amazon and Goodreads. If you like my reviews, please give them a “like”, thanks!

In Claimed, we are back with Jasmine, following Twitch to where he grew up, a secret world obscured by magic and mist, called “Avalon”. Marta has created an amazing, magical world filled with mages, witches, jinns and so much more.

Twitch has been called home by his grandfather because there is turmoil brewing in Avalon. The witches are trying to rise up, using a magical orb to control the jinn in their pursuit to take over. Twitch, realizing that his sister Mandy has sided with the witches, and still feeling ever the outcast, is definitely in over his head. Especially when he learns the witches plan to use him in a ritual to finish their takeover.

Jasmine finds herself addicted to vampire blood from the bite she received from Eric in Dark Desires. She must overcome the pain of heartbreak and the excruciating pain of the addiction. Set upon task after task, and once again faced with danger, Jasmine finds power she did not know she possessed. She finally comes into her true self and the reader finds themselves truly cheering for her bravery and strength, hoping that she will be the one to restore peace to Avalon.

Claimed by Magic boasts brilliantly, well-written characters such as Wyylt who exudes wisdom, Twitch’s cousins; Dane, the pervy but comical Ben, and sweet Ella. All eager to help Claire in her quest to take down the head witch, Teasag, who is not only controlling the jinn but other witches as well. Teasag makes for a fearsome enemy, but there is more to her than meets the eye. Even Eric, whom we have come to love (and sometimes hate) in Jasmine’s journey, is craftily obscured yet ever present in Claimed. While this book does not end on a cliffhanger, through brilliant writing and dreams of a magical new world, Marta has left us eager to see not only what is in store for Jasmine but which of this beloved characters we will get to see once more.

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