Storm Guardian, Rachel Medhurst

Storm Guardian picks up right where Lightning Seeker finished off, the underground of London is in an uproar, and Trygger is at the center of it. Martin, the leader of the Hagalaz cult and Hannah, his daughter are at odds with each other and Hannah is dragging in the shifters in an attempt to take down her father, only fueling the hatred Martin has for Trygger. The witches are getting out of control and Devon is practicing illegal magic. While letting her live is getting others killed, she has knowledge that can be invaluable to furthering Chloe’s training.

Kalic, the vampire introduced to us in the last book, plays more of a key role in Trygger’s life, sparring with him, helping him with the Hannah drama, and offering to help train Chloe. Chloe and Jack, the dynamic duo that warmed their way into Trygger’s heart (if that is even possible after 1000 years of shutting off emotions) are still at the center of Trygger’s life and Jack’s wit is funnier than ever.

Trygger is ready to leave London, the chaos is too much and he’s put too many more lives in danger, lives that he has grown to care about. Following a lead that the impressive tracker Chloe had found, Trygger leaves his life behind to go after another Fallen One in Prague. Of course, after months of trying to track him down, who other than Chloe and Jack (and we can’t forget Rusty) to show up and while Trygger believes they will be a hindrance, they come more prepared than he ever could have expected.

Having sent three Fallen Ones back to Freya in the span of a year, which is more than he has sent in centuries combined, Freya is getting more impatient. Is she building an army against Odin? But the Fallen One’s are changing, they are having human emotions, and Freya is changing her demands.

Superb writing with excellent, well-developed characters and edge of your seat thrill make for a fast-paced, exciting read. I cannot wait to see what Medhurst has in store for the Thunder Hunter and us readers.

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