No Relationship Required, Amelia James

Born deaf, Wyatt has had to overcome difficulties in his life, but he handles it all pretty well with the help of his dog Spencer, who does the hearing that Wyatt can’t. A successful and well-known fashion designer, he meets his match in Briana, a woman who has worked her entire life to be able to be in the top three advertising agencies. These two keep getting thrown together, sometimes hilariously and sometimes with a lot of heat.
But Wyatt is a man with a past, a history of falling for the wrong women and getting his heart broken, and he is letting it control so many aspects of his life that it is making it near impossible to move on. He keeps (unfairly) comparing Briana to the women that have hurt him in the past. Can overly stubborn, assertive and dominant Briana be the woman that helps him break down his defenses and help him heal not only from his failed relationships but from the secret he has kept hidden?

James has written a wonderful follow-up in the Warning Label series, so well written that it can be read as a standalone, making it a true series. She has given us well-developed characters, Wyatt, broken from his past Briana, stubborn and willful is a force to be reckoned with, even the supporting characters such as Wyatt’s family and Briana’s ex-husband have rich stories and balance out Wyatt and Briana. No Relationship Required blends laughter, life, and love (and a perfect amount of sexual heat) for a superb follow-up to “Keep Away From the Heat”

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