Never Judge a Book, Stacey Broadbent

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Jess is a woman who stuck with the wrong man one too many times. Becoming pregnant by him gave her the strength to walk away after his latest infidelity. Late into her pregnancy and ready to burst, she meets Nathan who works at the library she frequents daily. Green eyes, flecked with gold, strong jaw, and full lips, this striking man has her tongue tied. But she isn’t ready to jump into another relationship, she wants to focus on her impending baby.
Nathan is a man with a past. Having served time in jail, him and his brother are known about town as brothers that need to be avoided. But there is nothing about this man that indicates that he should have ever been in jail, in fact, Nathan is a bit of a wounded soul due to his relationship with his mother.
But Jess is drawn to Nathan, surely the man she bumps into every day has his reasons for being in jail? She wants to get to know him, even if it means taking it slow. Nathan is smitten with Jess and her baby, but his brother is a drug addict, and he has it out for Jess, his family drama just might prove too much. Can these two come together to heal and overcome their past?
Broadbent has given us a short and sweet tale in Never Judge a Book with the perfect amount of drama, healing, and romance. Well written with relatable characters and situations, it’s a must have for fans of HEA’s.

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