Prompts Round 4

I have gotten behind in sharing my writing with all the reviews I have been doing. So being long overdue, it’s time to catch up a bit more. Because this post has a lot of pictures included (I love to skirt the 140 character limit limitations), I am not sure if the page will take forever to load. It’s doing okay on my end, but if you have problems loading the page, please let me know so I can make adjustments. Thanks and Enjoy! x


hangtenstories: “jewel”

Little baubles of memories adorned the windowsill, shining in sun

WrittenRiver: “mirror”

Staring in the mirror

The face staring back

tells of years wasted on sadness

TLPoetry: “hands/fingers/feet/toes”


writingromancelines: “light”

Caressing where the

flogger had bitten bare skin

A light, soothing touch


This was a picture prompt from a group I belong to called The Nu Romantics:

NatureVerse: “dear lunatic, what full moon is this?”

Why is this I cannot sleep?

Sliding back the curtain I see

the full moon

bewitching my peaceful slumber

SableSwanV: “white lie”

writtenriver:”crazy crimson” horror prompt: “slowly detaching”


TLPoetry: nude/naked/bare


hangtenstories “think”

Sometimes it is best to think in five minute increments


TastyPoem: “mystify”


Her once pristine nails

filled with the blood and flesh

off the back of the monster

that thought he would ravish her

WrittenRiver: “spectacular prism”


No prompt, just me writing:


It comes from our worst moments

But it gives us something so precious


WrittenRiver: “break into stars”

I tried to write this so it was shapefully delicious:

This is me

a ball of Energy

made from the stars

Swirling matter, here today

vibrating elsewhere tomorrow

DimpleVerse: If I remember correctly, the prompt was “crimson moon:

In the light of the crimson moon

tears slip silently down

Remembering a face

that once gazed at this same moon with me


SableSwanV :”in secret”
Meeting after work

Talking until the wee morning hours

Weekend sleepovers

Telling no one made it sinfully delicious


WrittenRiver: “not to exist”

Living a life without love

or laughter

Is like existing in life

but not living

VerseAngel: “Fairy Tale”

I have never asked

for a fairy tale life

I just want

a life full of happiness,

laughter, and love

TLPoetry: “7 Deadly Sins”

Photo credit Andu76


SableSwanV: “Broken Moments” Hangtenstories: “Find”

Finding a stronger me in the broken moments of life


On a day when I’m

feeling so low, happiness

floats in from dear friends


WrittenRiver: “deep in sleep”

TastyPoem: “insatiable”

VerseAngel: “on the radio”

On a once tranquil Sunday

radio programs were interrupted,

news of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

A reminder now, that love wins