Miss Match, Lindzee Armstrong

Meet Miss Match, Brooke, who is engaged to the love of her life, Antonio, whom she met through her job as a matchmaker with a 71% match.
Antonio is an artist who is always either immersed in his art or away in meetings for his work. He is pressuring Brooke to move to his home country of Italy, where the new gallery has hired him. There is something more to Antonio than his sexy body and silky Italian musings of love.

Enter Luke, Brooke’s best friend. He is rich, he’s hurting from losing his father, and drowning away the pain by drinking, and he’s known as a player. But he’s Brooke’s best friend despite the tension it causes in her relationship with Antonio.
Brooke has “best friend” rules, and they must be followed to maintain the perfect male/female friendship. Her roommate, co-worker and close friend Zoey thinks the rules are rubbish because she is seeing what everyone but Brooke is seeing, Luke is head over heals in love with her and has been since he first met her 8 years ago when she shot him down and established the rules.

Luke needs to show his father’s company that not only is he committed to be the CEO the company needs, but that he is committed to getting their gear perfect to keep the company afloat. Not only does he need to turn his business life around, but he needs to turn his love life around in order to win the love of his life before she runs off to Italy and marries Antonio.

Armstrong has given us rich, detailed characters that entwine smoothly throughout the book with well-written dialogue. Miss Match is the perfect blend of funny and heartfelt. It’s a true series, in that you don’t need the previous books in the series in order to understand what is going on, and the book doesn’t leave the readers hanging making it a true HEA.

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