UN-Breakable S.K. Lessner

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Normally my reviews tend to go over the book from my point of view and I just don’t think that is going to do this book justice.

Lessner has created an amazing woman in Gwendolyn (Gwen). She is smart, strong, resourceful and fiercely independent. While some authors tend to write their characters as insecure in themselves when it comes to relationships Gwen is anything but and that is what made me love her even more so. Having to endure some of the worse imaginable being set to be sold into the sex trade, Gwen is the epitome of strength and knowledge.

Semi-quoting from UN-Breakable: “…I thought about how he’d wanted me with the same intensity as I’d wanted him…..I figured he was trying to be respectful of my limits…”
Here, in most books, when a guy is pulling away from a girl, the girl gets all insecure and thinks she did something wrong. Not Gwendolyn.
It is brilliant writing such as this that makes this book so fantastic.

There were so many instances in this book where I was either yelling at Nick to open his eyes or cheering on Gwen. It’s an emotionally heartbreaking and heartwarming book. To be able to pull this off and create such strong characters is absolutely brilliant.

I love that Lessner has pulled in serious, real life issues that affect millions of people into such a strong plot line supported by extremely well-written characters and brilliant writing, this is by far one of my most favorite books of the year.

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