The Lucky One, Sylvie Stewart

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In The Lucky One, we meet Jake, Mark’s older brother that we met in “The Spark”. After attending his younger brother’s wedding, he realizes he has spent too much time running away from his family and decides to move back home. The night of the wedding he met Bailey, a beautiful, stubborn and insecure blonde who has invaded his dreams ever since. After their hot and steamy night, he cannot get her out of his head and he wants to get to know her better.

Bailey couldn’t comprehend what Jake would have wanted from her from the get-go, in her words “Guys like this did not look at girls like me”. So when he moved back into town she was shocked. Dreams of their night together at the wedding are always on replay in her head too. And here Jake is, trying so hard to show Bailey how he wants to get to know her beyond their one-night stand and break through Bailey’s defenses. But Bailey just doesn’t know if she can let her walls down and trust him.
But as her best friend Fiona points out, Bailey is working at a job she hates and she’s a porcupine. She’s closed herself off to men, so perhaps Bailey can look at Jake for the man he is and give him a chance.

The Lucky One is a superb follow up to the previous books in the Carolina Connections series. Each book can be made to be read as a standalone, which is what makes it a true series, but the characters carefully crafted in each book weave throughout each. They are well-written, with rich backstories. Stewart’s savvy writing brings us from heartwarming to hilarity which we have come to expect in this series. These books are so lighthearted and fun, I am anxious to see what Stewart has in store for us next.

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