The Evolution of Ivy: Antidote, Lauren Campbell

How do you review a book that has you screaming at the author and then wanting to hug her at least 50 times throughout the book? Which makes it really hard to write a review with no spoilers because of how many roller coaster emotions are being ripped from the readers.
Picking up where “Poison” finishes, Ivy takes her crazy to a whole new level in “Antidote”, and Campbell has created the perfect love/hate relationship with her readers towards Ivy. We get more of a chance to really get to know Brooks and his versions of the past with Ivy. It’s so touching that she meant as much to him as he did to her.
The inner dialog Ivy has had me laughing out loud. In that aspect, she is completely relatable. Her level of crazy is staggering, but you can’t help but love her. Each character has a detailed, rich, background which has you feeling you intimately know them. Brilliantly written, Antidote is impossible to put down. This 2 part series is a must read.

Part One, The Evolution of Ivy: Poison is available for free on Amazon right now. Catch up before this release on September 22nd!

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