Tyler's Story (Sons of Morning MC Book 2)

Tyler’s Story, the second book in this new series from Williams is another home run. Written partially in journal format, as was the first book, we learn about Aubrey’s best friend Tyler, who we met in “Aubrey’s Diary”. “Tyler’s Story” can be read as a stand-alone, which is my favorite aspect of a true series.

Tyler has had a rough life, and she has found a place in the world with Bean. But she’s not happy and is just going through the motions of life. Until she meets Damon. Damon doesn’t look at her like the broken, fragile girl she thinks she is. He doesn’t give her the pity glances that so many others at the club do, and the fact he looks like a god holds its appeal as well.
Damon, as drawn as he is to Tyler, cannot do anything about it. She is with one of his brothers. So they remain friends, she keeping him at a distance and him wanting nothing more to just make her his.

Williams touches on some hard-hitting subjects like PTSD, and I admire an author that is willing to bring serious health issues into a book and into their characters. “Tyler’s Story” is well-written, we get to know more about why Tyler is the way she is, we see and live her past with her. Characters from book one are ever present in book two, and the weaving together of these storylines is wonderful.

You can pre-order Tyler’s Story on Amazon, available October 5th!

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