Indie Community Rant

I wanted to update some more prompts today. I haven’t written them every day, but I have gotten a ton done. But over the weekend I was overwhelmed with frustration. It’s about the Indie author community, not one particular author, but if you feel it’s directed at you, then maybe some of this is your truth. A lot of it comes from social media interactions (or lack thereof), and if this rant pisses people off, so be it, because I am pissed off. Because it’s a rant, it’s probably not written as smoothly as some of my other writing, but here it is.

-Books are not Free on KU- I pay for KU every month. While I understand an author gets but a pittance for putting their books into KU, it doesn’t make them free. STOP saying Free in KU!! It’s deceptive and you know it.

-I write, a lot. Have you read any of this blog, my Twitter feed? That’s work that is written under MY name. (I won’t even discuss my pseudonym because I won’t let her get into the Indie world as I see it). On Twitter and my blog, there is prompted poetry, free verse poetry, and short stories. Why am I being hounded to support “you” ad nauseum when I can count on one hand the people that have supported my writing?

-I proof and edit. I often don’t ask to be credited in the books. In the past, I have had to deal with some hell of some authors, and it’s not worth it to be ripped off. I’ve had authors ask me to edit in mobi format. Okay, I will do that. It’s a pain, but sure. Then I have had authors ask for suggestions and then get pissy when I send them the suggested edits. I am not a free proofer or a free editor. But if you have asked for help, which I freely give, and then you get mad about it? That’s not how editing works. That’s not how friendship works. That’s now how building relationships with your readers work!
So there is more of my work out there than you realize.

-It’s nice you have an online presence, but why even bother posting when you ignore comments that I (and others) took time out our days to reply? Building an online presence is about creating a relationship with the people that support you, it’s not just about making sure you post and making sure people like those posts, and that you are being seen. Seriously, where is your support for other authors, for your readers??

-As most people are aware, I do a lot of ARC’s. You simply cannot always release your books early and then get pissed that the review is not done on that day. (though I personally have never been late with a review, I do confess to not always filling out the forms, but that doesn’t mean the review isn’t up where it should be).
Readers have schedules, we have limits as to how many unverified reviews we can do a week (five by the way). Sometimes you’re going to have to accept that a review on Goodreads on release day is going to have to be good enough.

-You are not the only author I support. I have a life, a job, and a family. If you know me and have read this blog, you know all the health issues I deal with on top of actually living life. I am supporting you and handfuls of others, and not really getting supported in return. It really sucks and I am sick of it.

-Being an Indie author doesn’t mean you have to trample on others to get to where you need to be. Everywhere I turn that is all I see, and it’s heartbreaking that so many have resorted to this kind of b.s.

If you’re upset by all this and don’t want me to proof, edit, beta, ARC etc, so be it. If that means you drop me from your friend’s list, so be it.

End Rant