Color Me Hangry: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book About Food and Dieting , Sasha O’Hara

Do you see this amazing cover?? It’s so bright and vibrant, and my copy arrived in the mail today. The first weeks proceeds get donated to Meals on Wheels, because she is just that awesome.

Here is my review:

This might be my most favorite of Sasha’s books. There is such a huge variety of pictures to choose from, one-sided so you don’t have bleed through, with great quality paper. I tried to take a few pics with my camera, so forgive me if some of them came out a little shaky. I absolutely love the elephant as they are my favorite animal, so this is the first one I am going to color. I love that the first week’s proceeds are donated to Meals on Wheels, a great cause that desperately needs help right now. Such a fun book full of fun and snark with an amazing cover.

You can purchase the book here on Amazon.

Here are some pics from the book that I love:

Grab your copy today, support a great cause, and have a ton of fun coloring x

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