Magically Bonded, Rachel Medhurst

I think Magically Bonded was even better than Magically Bound, which I didn’t think was possible. All of our favorite characters are back and we get to know them even more in the second book of this series, especially the elusive Kurt. Devon’s inner dialog is even funnier and things are heating up between her Gerard, and she still has clever, laugh out loud nicknames for him. Devon is able to smooth things over with Maxwell and they even work together. I love that the crew at the Hunted Witch Agency have grown closer together and it feels more like a family, Devon feels it too. She grows in leaps and bounds, watching her find more of herself and evolve personally has you cheering her on. Magically Bonded is fast paced, leaving you on the edge of your seat to get to the end. A superb second in the series leaving you anxious for the next book.

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