Furiously Happy, Jenny Lawson

Have you followed The Bloggess Jenny Lawson on Facebook or Twitter? She’s hilarious. She lays everything out there for her followers. The good times, the bad times, the adventures, and the downs. She is such a strong woman, and after following her for years, the price on this book dropped enough for me to be able to get the e-version. (and it’s still $2.99 which is a great price.)

Heres my review:

I loved this book. I had been following Jenny on her blog and twitter and when I saw this discounted snagged it right up. Lawson is hilarious and completely relatable. In talking about depression and anxiety, she let’s others know that they aren’t alone, that even when we are in the deepest of pits, there are other people out there too. The same goes for the way she handles life. Some days I feel like I am just bumbling along, barely making a dent in *anything* and it’s nice to see that I am not the only one that attacks life haphazardly. Great read.

You can buy the book on Amazon. (and as I stated earlier, it’s still $2.99)

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