Ticked (Don't Judge A Book), Karen Raines

I love all of Karen’s books. They are often funny and/or poignant. They stay with me long after I’ve read them. Ticked was fabulous.

Here’s my review:

I loved that Raines brought real world situations such as Tourette’s into the forefront in Ticked.
Willow has Tourette’s and she’s not used to dating because there is so much to hide. Even at work, she spends all day hiding her ticks, just to come home and spend an hour throwing out all the cooped up energy she’s spent the day hiding.
Willow’s new boss Perry has his eye on her, and he’s curious about the girl who blurts some hilarious things out loud. I love Perry and Willow’s connection. Raines does a superb job of creating main characters that you fall in love with and a supporting cast that you feel you personally know. Ticked is hilarious and poignant.

You can buy Ticked on Amazon for 99 cents. It’s also a part of KU, so if you have KU, it’s free.

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