A&E, Kailee Reese Samuels

If you have ever read my reviews for Kailee before, you will see that I love her style of writing. It is distinctive and unique, and I adore it. A&E really gutted me. It’s a beautiful book that I am still reeling from.

Here is my review:

In high school, Alex meets a girl named Indigo, nicknamed Beau. She’s beautiful and wounded, and he’s fallen for her hard. But she carries a lot of hurt, she’s self proclaimed crazy and know’s she’s damaged, so she puts him off for a long time. When they do finally get together, it’s near perfect, until their world implodes. She’s sent away and he has to carry on with his life.
He never stopped thinking of her, loving her, and as the years pass, he tries desperately to find his way back to her. He doesn’t care that she’s wounded, he just wants to love her and protect her; as Samuels so beautifully writes it “I am the life raft in her drowning seas.”
But it’s been a long time and Beau has been through a lot, she might not let him in.

I strongly admire the fact that Samuels brought mental illness to the forefront and turned it into a heartbreakingly beautiful and encouraging novel.

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