Leaving Eva (The Eva Series #1) , Jennifer Sivec

I had won this series in an auction last year, and then my TBR grew dangerously out of control and they got buried. So after I got my new tablet sorted, I was able to go through and get organized, and I couldn’t be happier that I read this series. (and finished all three books in 2 days, they are really good!)

Leaving Eva was a heartbreaking yet beautiful tale about survival. We meet Eva who is the daughter of a very young and naive woman, who at the pleading of her boyfriend, dumps Eva off on the side of the road. Eva grows up knowing she is a foster child, and while she is adored by her mother, her father is very abusive. While her mother unhealthily latches onto Eva, whom she renamed Brynn, Brynn wants more out of life. In high school, she meets her soulmate Adam, he loves her and wants only her. But Brynn’s past stands in their way. I would even hazard a guess to say that Eva suffers from undiagnosed PTSD from the years of abuse.
From reading previous reviews, I would say that this story has been edited from the original as I didn’t come across spelling mistakes or flaws. It was beautifully told, and while at times it was heartbreaking, the enduring love Adam has for Brynn shines through. There were very poignant parts that revealed the honest truth of what happens when we fail to nurture our relationships. I think my favorite line regarding this was “she stopped appreciating his efforts. So he stopped trying.” I am anxious to start the next book in the series, Losing Eva.

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