Awesome Applesauce, Stacey Broadbent, S.K. Lessner

This was such a fun book from two authors that I absolutely love!
Here is my review (which is much better on Goodreads, because Amazon is anti-swearing lol:

Two Indie authors, Dinah and Paige, have met each other online After months of chatting and getting to know one another, they finally get the chance to meet in real life at an author signing in Australia. They are on a mission to “get some” and what ensues is moment after moment of trips and falls, gaffs, and hilarity. Their conversations had me laughing out loud, they are completely relatable. One of my favorite quotes from the book was “We can’t seem to go twelve hours without some type of f**kery happening”, and I thought, what is life without a bit of f**kery happening? That’s what makes life so much more enjoyable. This was such a well-told story, I loved it and read it in one sitting.

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