Bayside Destinies (The Hunters Book 9), Stacy Claflin

From Stacy’s Blog:

Bayside Destinies

What do a fifteen-year-old pact, a fake engagement, and a stalker have in common? Audrey Hughes.

Audrey’s ex-boyfriend won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. A master manipulator and a violently selfish man, he’s decided Audrey is his property. And he’s determined to get her back. Forcibly, if necessary.

She flees to the one place she ever found ‘family’—to Enchantment Bay. More precisely, to Logan Hunter.

Logan is a successful attorney and consummate bachelor. His work is his wife, and that’s the only long-term relationship he sees for himself. Until a childhood sweetheart shows up and reminds him of the pact they made years earlier—to get married.

It surprises him that she remembered, stuns him that he’s intrigued, and shocks him to discover her reason for returning. He uses all his influence and connections to protect her, only to be the one who causes her unbearable pain and drives her away.

Can Logan find a way to keep Audrey safe, make things right, and mend both their broken hearts?

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Here is my review:
Audrey is a woman with a lot of baggage. When she was 15, she went with her foster family on a vacation and met Logan. They made a pact that if neither were married when they were 30, they would marry each other. Trying to escape her abuse boyfriend, she returns to Enchantment Bay to find Logan. Logan is married to his job as a lawyer, so when Audrey finds him, he remembers her, but definitely doesn’t remember the marriage pact. He decides this beautiful woman could at least be his friend, and agrees to a fake engagement to help protect her from her crazy ex. The connection these two have is palpable, Logan makes for a great leading man because he puts up with a lot of Audrey’s drama, drama that she cannot control. Audrey has a great attitude towards life and she goes after she wants. Logan’s family and Audrey’s dog Charlie are thoroughly engaging side characters. Claflin writes a great novel is Bayside Destinies, with the right amount of drama and romance.

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