Suddenly Single Sylvia: Plus Boomer Dating Guide, Angela Page

You don’t need to be a senior citizen to enjoy this book, I absolutely loved it. Here is my review:
While I am not a senior, I absolutely loved this book. At 55, Sylvia is divorced and she needs direction in life. When working with her sister doesn’t work out, she decides to start her own matchmaking business for seniors. With her ex-husband dead, and the alimony payments no longer coming in, she needs to take on some roommates.Enter Kiki, a transgender woman who has troubles with her family, and Honey, a “chiropractor with unconventional methods”, and hilarity ensues. The three of them work together to get Sylvia’s business off the ground. Sylvia is hilarious with her quippy one-liners. I love Kiki’s spirit and resilience, and she does a great deal for Sylvia’s business. From starting a website to helping with the intake questionnaire for prospective daters. Honey moved in last with perfect acceptance. She has a need to make sure everything is balanced. They make for great supporting characters. While the book is filled with fun, it has a really great guide for seniors that are interested in dating. Page did a great job of making Suddenly Single Sylvia clever, insightful, hilarious, and helpful. A book I couldn’t put down and read in one sitting.

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